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Episode #20Guest: Lionel Cordew, drummer, bassist, guitarist, composerEpisode #20Featured Artist Latest Work
lcordew-95One of the first impressions you may get when first meeting Lionel, is his open and easy going manner, his willingness to cooperate and to go beyond what is required to do the best job that he can. And man, can he do the best job. Read more1-tales-listen-now
(Nov 16, 2016)
Episode #19Guest: Jimmy Haslip, electric bassist/composer/arranger/producer Episode #19Featured Artist Latest Work
j haslip 95As longstanding member and co-founder of the Yellowjackets, Jimmy took an amicable hiatus from the group in 2013 to use the time to pursue other artistic challenges... Read more1-tales-listen-now
(Jan 7, 2016)
Episode #18Guest: Sheila Jordan, vocalist/songwriter Episode #18Featured Artist Latest Work
sheila-jordan-95No longer to wonder, now is to know. I feel very honored to have Ms. Sheila Jordan on this episode of Tales. I’ve listened to her unique and original song styling for most of my musical life and have discovered that appositeness of subtly is definitely an obscure concept these days. With 51 + albums to her credit, how could she be the best kept secret? People "in the know", and what I mean by that, people who are true jazz lovers and listeners definitely know who Sheila Jordan is and what is so uncommon about her. Read more1-tales-listen-now
(Nov 3, 2015)

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Episode #17, Guest: Les McCann, pianist/ vocalist/composer/painter/photographerEpisode #17, Featured Artist Latest Work
lm-smllLes McCann, a true renaissance man. He is most known for being a pianists, vocalist and composer, but not a lot of people know that he also is a painter and a published photographer. There is a LOT of information out there about this innovator and pioneer of music evolution. And if you are one of the numbers that don't know much about this amazing musician, then you need to get busy and find out. Why? I don't need to tell you, you just need to listen, but just in case you're still in a fog, here is a little piece for you. All that is contemporary jazz, neo soul, neo jazz, etc. today, is because of the creative vision and execution of that vision, by this man, Mr Les McCann. Read more1-tales-listen-now
(Sept 15, 2015)

Invitation to Openness
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Invitation to Openness: The Jazz and soul Photography of Les McCann
Episode #16, Guest: Jay Azzolina, guitarist/ composer/teacherEpisode #16, Featured Artist Music
Jay-Azzolina-95Grammy nominated guitarist/composer Jay Azzolina has been part of the New York Jazz scene for the past three decades...Read more1-tales-listen-now
(July 13, 2015)

Local Dialect
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Episode #15, part 1 & 2Guest: Buddy Williams, drummer, composerEpisode #15, part 1 & 2Featured Artist Music
bwilliams-smlI knew to capture the voluminous career of Buddy Williams in an interview would prove to be not only a challenge, but also not realistic. To do a tiny bit of justice to such a prolific individual, I decided to do this show in two parts. And as you'll find out there still wasn't enough time.... Read more Part 11-tales-listen-now
(May 11, 2015)

Part 2
(June 15, 2015)
La Costa- The Single
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Episode #14Guest: Julia Blenzig, singer-songwriterEpisode #14 podcastFeatured Artist Music
jb-smllWelcome to Tales from the Jazz Side first spotlight addition! This new segment features young musicians as they start their musical journey, creating their own stories to be passed on. Julia Blenzig, daughter of Charles Blenzig...Read more1-tales-listen-now
(April 4, 2015)

A Kid's Christmas
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Episode #13Guest: Charles Blenzig, pianist, composer, arrangementEpisode #13 podcastFeatured Artist Music
cb-smlAll good things come to those who wait. And wait I did until finally everything lined up and voilà, I present to you the interview with my road buddy, my friend...Read more1-tales-listen-now
(March 1, 2015)

About Time
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Episode #12Guest: Jennifer Vincent, BassistEpisode #12 podcastFeatured Artist Music
jvIf you've ever wondered who was that amazing bass player on American Lullaby, Standard Delivery, Awake, it was none other than Jennifer Vincent. As with most of my guests so far, we go back a ways...Read more
(October 8, 2014)
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Episode #11Guest: David Barnes
Episode #11 podcastFeatured Artist Music
dbIt is believed that Jazz evolved from the blues. I think we are all in agreement with that statement. What I don't think we are clear on are the feelings that surround the music and just how it has truly influence all the music that's played today...Read more
(July 15, 2014) 01:07:08

Moanin' at Midnight:
The Howlin' Wolf Project
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Episode #10Guest: Pheeroan akLaff
Drummer, Composer, Educator
Episode #10 podcast Featured Artist Music
paFrom his collaborations with the late poet Amir Baraka in the Blue Ark ensemble, through his voluminous work as sideman to such greats as Anthony Davis, Oliver Lake, Henry Threadgill, Yosuke Yamashita, Mal Waldron, Geri Allen, Don Byron....Read more
(May 14, 2014)
Episode # 9Guest: Sean Conly
Bassist, Composer, Arranger
Episode # 9 podcastFeatured Artist Music
Sean-Conly-smlSean Conly is another notable musician with an impressive multiple musical language background. He has played with legendary greats such as Andrew Hill, Russ Lossing, Ray Barretto, Freddie Hubbard, Cedar Walton, Randy Brecker, Howard Alden and Lew Tabackin....Read more
(April 17, 2014)

Think Shadow
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Episode # 8Guest: Jua Howard
Episode # 8 podcastFeatured Artist Music
jhSome individuals may recognize early in life their dreams yet only a few dedicate themselves to the actual realization of those same dreams. And then there’s Jua....Read more1-tales-listen-now
(February 19, 2014)

Colors of Life
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Episode # 7Guest: Tjut Nyak Deviana Daudsjah
Pianist, Composer, Educator
Episode # 7 podcastFeatured Artist Music
ddIt had been 4 years since my last visit to Indonesia and at the time I was invited by my friend Devianna Daudsjah to play along with her and a couple of the graduate students from Institut Musik Daya Indonesia....Read more
(January 13, 2014) 01:05:36

Tales of Indonesia
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Episode # 6Guest: Kengo Nakamura
Bassist, Composer
Episode # 6 podcastFeatured Artist Music
knIn October I had the pleasure to play Billboard Live Tokyo with the Michael Franks band. I was excited to travel to Japan as it had been a while since we had played there. This leg of the tour, we would play in Tokyo for 2 nights and then onto Osaka. It had been at least....Read more1-tales-listen-now
(December 11, 2013)

Songs in My Life Time
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Episode # 5Guest: Mark Egan
Bassist, Composer, Arranger
Episode # 5 podcastFeatured Artist Music
markeganwbillevansspainMoving back to my 20 years with Michael Franks anniversary tribute, I have the utmost delight in speaking with a gentleman that I've known primarily from listening to his music. And once again, through Michael, I now have the greatest pleasure to work with this unique artist Mark Egan...Read more1-tales-listen-now
(October 10, 2013)

About Now
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Episode # 4Guest: Jacques Schwarz-Bart
Saxophonist, Composer, Arranger
Episode # 4 podcastFeatured Artist Music
jsbJacques Schwarz-Bart was born of mixed races. His early experience as a man taught him that one can be a harmonious receptacle for several cultures, as long as each one is given its value and importance....Read more1-tales-listen-now
(September 11, 2013)

Jazz Racine Haiti
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Episode # 3Guest: Willard Dyson
Episode # 3Featured Artist Music
wd-med1[1]Willard Dyson, an active and extremely talented drummer on the New York and international music scenes, came to New York City in 1986 from Oakland California. A versatile musician, Willard is at home in a myriad of musical genres including Jazz, R&B, African, Latin and Brazilian music...Read more1-tales-listen-now
(August 10, 2013)
Episode # 2Guest: Jay Anderson
bassist, composer
Episode # 2Featured Artist Music
jay andersonBassist/composer Jay Anderson is among the most versatile and respected jazz artists performing today. Born in 1955 in Southern California, Anderson began playing acoustic bass at the age of 12. Throughout junior high, high school, and college, Anderson won numerous awards for excellence in both jazz and classical music. Read more1-tales-listen-now
(July 11, 2013)

Next Exit
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Episode # 1Guest: Michael Franks
Episode # 1 podcastFeatured Artist Music
mfAlthough he is often referred to as a smooth jazz singer-songwriter, I find that description to not be altogether accurate. I consider him to be a jazz evolutionary singer songwriter, whose music covers all the subtle colors and diversity that writing music is all about today....Read more1-tales-listen-now
(June 10, 2013)

Time Together
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